Promotional media for short-form/vertical video commission, by Adli Hadiyan Munif or Adli_HM
Promotional media for short-form/vertical video commission, by Adli Hadiyan Munif or Adli_HM.

This article is in English. To read the Indonesian version, visit this link. If you are outside of Indonesia but want to order the commission using Indonesian payment method, you could read this article.


Why Did You Decide to Open Commission?

Cause I need money. Hehehehehe. 😅

No, but for real. I need money; I don't have any jobs to do or basically jobless, so I decided to open some commission, so there will be a possibility for me to have some income if someone decided to order it.

I hope...

But on the other side, I could sense that some people probably also wanted to post interesting/funny clips from their streaming/when they played games on the offline session, but they don't have the time to edit the clips into short format or vertical video...

Or they have posted some and think, "Hm seems like I could improve the quality a little bit?"

Or wanted to post a clip from certain video, not a gameplay video, and you just wanted to share this video on your account/channel, but don't have enough time to edit the video...

Because of these reasons, I, Adli, offer a service where I will edit your video into short-form/vertical format.


So if you guys don't have time to edit the video into short-form/vertical format but you do have some money to spent to, then you could just use my service by ordering the commission.

Example of My Short Video

If you want to see some examples of short videos that I have created all this time, you could watch these videos:

@adli_hm OMG OMG OMG OMG 😨😨😨 --- Game Title: "The Lacerator" --- #TheLacerator #FernandoTittz #SurvivalHorror #Horror #Assassin #Survival #3D #Comedy #1980s #Dark #Retro #ThirdPerson #Comedy #MultipleEndings #TwitchStreamer #Indonesian #VarietyStreamer #Gaming #English #Indonesia #Cozy #SoutheastAsian #Asian #Chill #Casual #Comfy #Calm ♬ original sound - Adli | Twitch Variety Streamer

You could also visit my YouTube page or my TikTok page to watch other short videos on my page.

Flow of Ordering the Commission

In short, the flow of ordering the commission is as below:

  1. Visit my Ko-Fi commission page.
  2. Choose the one you wanted to request from the available options on that page.
  3. (Optional) Describe your request, and/or add attachment (s) on the Ko-Fi form.
  4. (Optional) Choose any add-on(s) if you want to receive special treatment from me.
  5. Click "Next" to proceed.
  6. Click "I Agree" with the Terms.
  7. Click "Payment" to pay the amount calculated automatically by Ko-Fi.
  8. Then, you will receive a link to a form which I need for you to fill out with details so I could continue on working with your commission.
  9. Me, Adli, will send you a message via email or Discord after you fill out the form.
  10. Please wait until the end-video is done.
  11. After I finish editing your video, I will contact you again via email or Discord.
  12. Done.


For this commission, I offer 3 (three) sets, which are Set A, Set B, and Set C. To see the differences between each one, please take a look at the following comparison table:

Set A Set B Set C
Total Video(s) 1 (one) 5 (five) 12 (twelve)
Prices (in USD) 2.00 8.00 16.00
Payment via Ko-Fi Ko-Fi Ko-Fi
Estimated Production Time 24 - 36 hours 48 - 72 hours 72 - 96 hours

Based on the sets, you could see that the more videos you order, the cheaper it will be. You can order any of those sets above via my Ko-Fi commission page. For more information, you could read FAQ.

Can I do custom order or not following those sets?

Of course. I provide another set on Ko-Fi where you could do custom order, and you could also following the "Flow of Ordering Commission" as explained above.

When shall I start counting the "Estimated Production Time" ?

Since I (Adli) send you a confirmation message via email or Discord to you as a customer.

Compulsory Feature

Listed below are features that are compulsory on your video later on:

  • Webcam/Character
    On every produced short video, there will be an area showing your webcam/character. This area will cover around ¼ to ⅓ of the video.
  • Gameplay
    Then, there will be an area showing your gameplay that you were playing from the video source. This area will cover around ⅔ to ¾ of the video.
  • Caption/Subtitle
    Caption/subtitle will be added into the video. Caption will be written in one language decided by you as the customer.

Those features are bare minimum features that I will provide to you in your video. You could remove some if you don't want some features to be shown in the video.

Does the webcam/character have to be shown in the video?

Of course not. If you don't want to show the webcam/character, you could uncheck the option "Show my webcam/character" on the form.

If in one video, the speaker spoke in a few languages, will the caption/subtitle going to be translated into the target language?

Yes. If the speaker from video source speak in a few languages, for example speaking Indonesian, English, and Korean in one video; then every spoken language will be translated into the target language chosen by the customer.

Optional Features

Listed below are some features that could be added to your video. These features could be useful to enhance/add more information to your short viewers. You won't be charged to add these features.

  • Logo
    Some streamer have their own logo; or like me, I don't have any logo, but I do have a logo for my regular program. To beautify, you could attach your logo to the form, so I could add it into your short video later on. Or you could also include an event logo, a program logo, or even another logo from activities you have/had.
  • Timestamp
    For some people, this timestamp is probably not that important. But for me, this could be useful as a marker to trace the archive again; such as when I played certain game, when this conversation with the viewers occured, and other. Not to mention, I covered so many games in one session...
    Notes: Timestamp could be included into your video, if there is a time in your video. If you don't have any time overlay on the original video source, then I can not add it to your video...
  • Game Name
    You could also include "game name" into your video, so your viewers will know what game you were playing in your video.
  • Social Media
    You could also show your social media's username/handle in your video. By doing this, people could take a look at your account on other platforms, even by just posting the video on one account only. I could provide up to six platforms, which are Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter/X, and Discord.
  • Chats
    You could also add chat overlay to your video, so viewers will catch the context of what were you discussing during your stream, or you could also use it to show how your viewers engaged with you while you were streaming.
    Notes: I could include chat if you have a chat overlay on the original video source, or I could re-record the chats from the VOD/clip. If it's not available, then I couldn't add the chat to your video.


Aside from those features described above, I am also offering a few add-ons if you are willing to pay some extra money for some special treatments. The add-ons are:

Add-On Name Explanation Additional Costs
Translate the Caption With this add-on, you could show the caption in two languages, which are English and Indonesian. ½ (a half) of the set price.
Add SFX With this add-on, I will add some sound effects (sfx)/meme into your video at certain moments. ½ (a half) of the set price.
⅓ (One-Third) of Max Duration With this add-on, you could speed-up the processing time of your set, into ⅓ of the maximum duration. For example, if you purchase this add-on in Set B, with the estimated production time 48~72 hours. By purchasing this add-on, the production time will be decreased into maximum 24 hours only. 2 (two) times of set price.
⅔ (Two-Third) of Max Duration With this add-on, you could speed-up the processing time of your set, into ⅔ of the maximum duration. For example, if you purchase this add-on in Set B, with the estimated production time 48~72 hours. By purchasing this add-on, the production time will be decreased into maximum 48 hours only. 1 (one) times of set price.
Find My Moment! With this add-on, you could provide one long video to me, then I will find interesting moments from that video for you. 3 (three) times of set price.

Rights and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Service Provider

Me, Adli, as the one who provides the service, have some responsibilities that I have to fulfill after I received the order from customer:

  1. Contacting the customer via email/Discord in the span of maximum 1 x 24 hours since customer ordered the commission.
  2. Finishing the commission in the designated time, adjusting to the time stated on the set that the customer have ordered previously.

If I (Adli) could not fulfill one out of two responsibilities listed above to the customer, then the customer have the right to receive 100% refund of the money they paid previously.

Customer's Rights

Listed below are some rights that the customer will receive:

  • Hiqh Quality Video
    By High Quality, this means that the minimum resolution will be 720x1280, and could reach up to 4K (2160x3840). This condition will be fulfilled if it's possible, and the original video source provided the quality. Bitrate that will be used in the end-video is 6 Mbps for 720p to 1080p, to ensure the end-result won't be pixelated, so it will stay crips when shared to any video-sharing platforms.
  • High Quality Audio
    By High Quality, this means that the audio will have a 320 kbps bitrate, 48 kHz, with AAC codec. The end-audio will be processed before hand, such as normalization process, and some tuning in with equalization, so the end-product won't sound too small, especially on certain platforms such as YouTube which applied Audio Loudness on their platform.
  • Burn-In Caption/Subtitle
    Caption/subtitle will be added to the video, so your viewers could still catch up with the topic or the ongoing conversation. This will also help your video become more accessible, especially for those who needs subtitles to catch some inaudible dialogues.
  • One Time Revision
    After I send you the end-video, you as the customer have a chance to do any revision, in case there are some aspects you would like to revise. You won't get charged for this. The revision time will range between 12 to 96 hours.
Why do you have to normalize the audio?

Because not every audio have the same loudness. So, some videos which are overall quiet will sound super quiet on YouTube, or when the overall audio is too loud, it will sound too loud too. Or even worse, when the audio level is mixed up from the quiet one and the loud one. The audience won't feel comfortable watching that video.


In this section, there will be some "Frequently Asked Question", or some questions that people probably want to ask. I hope every question and answer below will cover the questions you still have as a customer. If you still have other question that is not covered below, feel free to leave some comments on this post.

Video Duration

How long is the video duration that I am going to receive later on?

The prices stated above are for editing a video with one minute as the maximum duration. This means, each video that you will receive will be one minute at max.

Why only one minute? Isn't TikTok currently pushing the users to upload longer duration videos on their platform?

The target of this commission is to make some video stocks to be posted gradually on various social media platforms in just one time. Which means, by just one video, you could post the same video to TikTok, then to YouTube, or Instagram at the same time, without having to re-edit the video, again.

Is it possible to order the commission with longer duration video?

Of course. You could order the "Custom Order" set, and explain your request on that platform. I will contact you again later after you fill out the form.


Does the one who orders the commission limited to the streamer or the owner of the video?

Nope. If you are not the streamer or the owner of the video, then you could also order this commission. For instance, you are a fan of certain streamer, and wanted to gift some short videos to this streamer. Then you could order this commission to gift the videos to them later on. But you have to remember that you are the one who is responsible for the content, as you are the one who ordered the commission.


Does the content for this short/vertical video limited to gameplay only?

You could order this commission for other contents aside from gameplay. Just input the link into the provided form, and as long as I could download the video, then there is a huge possibility I could edit the video into short/vertical format.

Can you add musics that is currently on trend in social media?

Nope. If you want to add the music that is currently in trend in certain platforms, you could add the music by yourself before pressing that "post" or "share" button.


If there are some things that I don't like from the video, can I ask for a revision later on?

Yes, you could. As explained above, every customer has a chance to request a revision. You won't be charged for this, and the process will range from 12 to 96 hours.


What languages do you understand?

I could understand Indonesian, English, and Minangkabau. I could understand Korean, Japanese, and Arabic, but my ability is still limited.

Video Delivery

After you complete the order, where will you send the video to?

I will send the video via Google Drive.

Will the video be deleted after certain periods?

Probably. The video that customer ordered will probably be deleted from my Google Drive in a year after the ordered date.


Is there any possibility for a refund?

As the system I applied is "pay before you order", then the possibility for a refund is small. A refund will be highly likely in case of Force Majeure, as if I was in long-term sick, some family emergency, natural disaster, broken device, and other possibilities which makes me couldn't complete the order in the designated time.

Order Status

If I wanted to check my order status, where could I check it?

You could check the status via this page. This link will be included in the Order website too.


That's all for the detailed explanation regarding this commission. Thank you for reading this post. I hope this post will give some clearance and answered any questions you have before ordering the commission to me.

I will wait for your order :)) Thank you :))